A Very, Very Brief History of the Universe

Freeman Dyson, physicist, mathematician, and futurist, famous for his work in quantum mechanics, nuclear weapons design and policy, and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, 1923-2020.
Note: This article is revised at irregular intervals and has grown over time, so that it now takes about 15 minutes to read (no longer five minutes as originally stated).

The final Frontier …

What has happened so far

The Universe

A primal force of indestructible life unfolded its effect explosively! The entire universe came into being as a reaction and, as a result, so did all life. It is the common origin of us all. Wherever it goes, life pulsates with effervescence, and everything that has emerged from it enjoys the highest quality of life, optimal conditions and constant growth.


Course of Events

At some point, people even literally separated themselves and their planet from the power of indestructible life, even though they were created and lived by it. It then became comparatively dark and their work became laborious and ineffective. The planet no longer gave them as much to live on as before, people began to fight each other, sometimes over dwindling resources, sometimes over goals that are not easy to understand and which still occupy intergalactic research. It is suspected that the other force had a detrimental effect on the human psyche. In addition, all beings on the planet became weaker and susceptible to diseases that could not have existed before, when the power of indestructible life was present everywhere.

Back to the Roots!

  1. the selection of a group of people who – as a kind of prototype – could be the first to reconnect with their origin. This would increase their quality of life many times over and do the whole earth good! At the same time, you would have a greater responsibility to stay away from the influence of the other force. This would not always be easy, but if they stuck to their origin, they would succeed in the long term through the power of indestructible life, and they would receive optimal solutions for every problem.
  2. Other people would see how much better off they were and would themselves be given the opportunity to belong to them. They too would have to learn to live from the power of indestructible life and detach themselves from the workings of the other power. But the benefits would massively outweigh the disadvantages, so that gradually the whole of humanity would be ready to reunite with its origin.
  3. After all, the power of indestructible life would come back to earth, drive out the other power and restore all that is good and right. Humanity, which has prepared itself for its return, would then also be able to endure its return and would also be sensitized not to allow the best to be taken away again.

So much for the plan … and there were decisive steps towards its realization. The chosen people – descendants of a somewhat exotic family from a small country somewhere between the continents – did not always find it easy to let go of compromises with the other power, but they were allowed to make mistakes. As soon as they had expressed their admission in a suitable way, harmony with the origin was restored. The only important thing was to always find your way back and come to terms with the source from which you had come and which had given you life and meaning.

Further Course of Events

The chosen people underwent an intensive training program and eventually became very successful. But when they had been doing very well for a long time, they became careless again and allowed themselves to be influenced by the other force. As a result, they forgot on the one hand why they were doing so well and on the other hand that there were other people who they should help to find their way back to their origin!

The Empire Strikes Back

In the origin, absolutely everything was designed to win back every human being, wherever they were ready for it. The power of indestructible life was to return to the earth that had been created by it. But this was only possible with the consent and cooperation of the people and again had to happen in several phases:

  1. The power initially came in bits and pieces in the form of messages to the chosen ones to show them the necessary but often overlooked details that make up life in harmony with the origin. They reacted differently, but many of those who had longed for him were happy to have regained a piece of their original quality of life in this way. They also shared the messages with the rest of humanity. In this way, the earth was prepared for phase 2 and the coming of a key person who was to bring about a decisive breakthrough.
  2. Now the power itself came to earth incognito and as an ordinary person who led his life surprisingly simply and naturally in harmony with our origin and helped others to do the same. This began in the small country on an inconspicuous hill. Due to a very ordinary choice of profession and his inherent unobtrusiveness and modesty, he was not even recognized by many at first. He only did good and extraordinary things, but did not correspond to the idea that people had of a key person at that time, although this had been announced to them in phase 1. But then this person did something that no one else had ever done or would ever do: he allowed himself to be condemned to death innocently and died as a substitute so that anyone who wanted to could receive his innocence, health and ability to do good and reconnect with his origin without having to do anything! In the process, another power became effective that can completely neutralize the destructive power. Those who use it and return to their origin in this way regain their original quality of life in many little steps and are also being prepared for phase 3.
  3. At the end of the present time, the power of indestructible life shall return in its full effectiveness, permeate everything and also establish a new, stable and just government of the universe – including the earth – in which every human being has their part as it was originally planned. Light will return, hardship will be ended, injustice will be remedied and dealt with, chaos will be resolved and every injury to the body or soul will be healed. Everyone gets what they need, everyone does what they can and enjoys it, and the optimal conditions of the past return. This will be welcomed especially by for those who have already reconnected with the origin, have become part of His kingdom and are awaiting His return. The destructive force will be driven out of the universe forever. However, if someone comes to terms with the injustice of the world too much and has not detached themselves from the destructive force, they would have to leave the universe with it and spend eternity under its influence. Of course, this would not be good for anyone. That is why in phase 2 all people should be given sufficient opportunities to reconnect with their origin, become free from destructive influences and live a life of the highest quality in the long term!

However, in order to preserve the dignity of human sovereignty, the decision will not be taken away from anyone. Everyone must make a conscious decision for one of the two options – and thus against the other.

Happy No-End!

All those who have found their way back to their origin and made it the center of their lives live more than happily ever after … but not until the end of their lives! There is no longer an end, but life becomes continuously better and more beautiful because the power of indestructible life permeates everything and works incessantly in full intensity! 😀

Screenplay and Cast

This chronology is recorded in slightly different words and with considerably more detail in the so-called Bible (exact quotes). The origin and power of indestructible life are God and His Word. The other force is sin and its accompanying symptoms. The way back for all is the Word of God who became man, Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ), Son of God, who is one with God. He was born on the edge of the galaxy on an exotic planet, somewhere between the continents on an inconspicuous hill, lived peacefully, humbly and exemplary and finally gave His life as a sacrifice near another inconspicuous hill so that all who wish can be as intimate with God as only He has ever been!

He then rose from the dead through the power of indestructible life and returned to His and our origin on a – this time somewhat larger – mountain in order to come back to earth in the same place at the beginning of phase 3 and to rule the universe forever from a fourth elevation very close to the other three. Every person who belongs to Him will participate in His government in an individually unique and optimal way.

His blood, which He gave at His agonizing execution, is the essence of the creative elemental force and erases with the utmost effectiveness everything that separates people from their origin, while at the same time completely neutralizing the effect of the destructive force! An increasing number of inhabitants of the planet testify to how their lives have changed fundamentally after connecting to this blood, which is now available free of charge to anyone who trusts in it!

People of the Earth, Your Attention Please!

Would you like to be part of this story? If so, then read on! If you are one of the inhabitants of Earth, there is good news for you: you are already part of it! You live in an imperfect world. You cannot fully fathom where it comes from and where it is going. It’s the same with your life! You have found ways to deal with it, but you certainly suspect that there must be more and that life and interaction on the planet and in general could be much better than we are currently experiencing. Ask yourself where this idea comes from if you have never experienced anything other than life on this earth!

You cannot have developed your idea of something better yourself, because in this imperfect world you lack the input parameters … unless fragments of a larger and better context had become recognizable to you or had always been present in you. But that would mean that it would have to exist!

So if you really were to be part of this story, then access to the big picture would also be within your grasp!

How the Story goes on …

… is up to you as far as your share in it is concerned! 🙂

You’ve already heard the end … but not yet experienced it, and there are still two ways the story can end for you. You are made for the better of the two options!

Dear human being, you actually belong to your origin and everything is prepared for your return! You can get to know Him now and check whether this is what you want in the long term! He loves you, has also created you as a unique image of Himself and wants to bring your life to optimum development and fullness for all eternity! There is an infinite amount of good prepared for you! And if you want, you can start right away!

You can now

  • Ask Yeshua (Jesus Christ) if this is true! If yes, then he hears you, means absolutely well with you and will find a way to answer you in a way that is clear to you! (And if not, you would have lost nothing but a few seconds of your life). It’s very easy and quickly done.
  • Get to know him! Read about Him and talk to Him about everything that moves you. You can also ask Him absolutely anything and always ask Him for help
  • Join His eternal kingdom by
    • Deciding for a life according to His original, ingenious plan, in which you are optimally guided and cared for, as it was intended from the beginning, and can discard everything that stands in the way of His long-term goals with His help
    • Confessing to Him that you have not lived for Him so far (which you certainly could not), but you want to repent
    • asking for forgiveness for your part in the problem – your (conscious and unconscious) transgressions against His good will
    • Asking Him to give you His Spirit, through which you receive His optimal guidance for your life and gradually get to know and understand Him and
    • Confirming your decision by being baptized in His name under water. (Ask Him for an opportunity to do this when you feel ready)

God, your origin, loves you more than anyone else, and if you do this through faith in Jesus Christ,

  • every (conscious and unconscious) guilt is forgiven, so that you can live with Him with a clear conscience, enjoy His friendship and make use of His help. You then belong to His family as His child, can enjoy His protection and provision and have gained Him as a kind Father, friend and best confidant!
  • you officially belong to His kingdom, the fullness of which you will enjoy for all eternity
  • your life and your talents come into their original purpose and can bring about the best in the long term!

(If not, then you would have forgo the connection to your origin in this life partially, but completely and irretrievably in eternity, you could pass by the best and at some point would no longer enjoy anything. God takes people’s decisions more seriously than they often realize. One decision has separated the whole of humanity from God. But the way back is now free thanks to Christ and is also accessible to everyone through a decision – this time an individual one! Through it, you leave the part of humanity that has separated itself from God and perceives little or nothing of Him. God becomes your confidant and you become His!)

It is Finished!

Everything’s Ready for You!

Man cannot impress God through religious efforts … but he doesn’t have to! Nor does he have to belong to an institution or follow a certain doctrine or certain teachers. What God’s Son himself has done for you out of love for you is comprehensive and completely sufficient! But it is actually also the only functioning way back into intimate communion with your origin! Everything is ready … especially for you! Just try it out now!

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me!

Jh 14:6

Believe Him and talk to Him! He is listening to you right now and reliably arranges all matters between God and you.

For example, just say out loud something like: „Jesus Christ, if You exist and You really are the key person for my life, then show Yourself to me in a way I can understand and give me reason and the ability to believe in You! Holy Spirit, guide me into all truth in Jesus‘ name! Thank You for everything! Amen!“

Then expect to receive one or more answers in some way in the coming minutes, hours or days! (And feel free to keep record of what you then experience with Him and how your life might change).

Almighty God knows you, loves you, understands you, stays with you, guides you, empowers you and helps you wherever you turn to Him in the name of His Son Yeshua! You will be surprised! Get to know Him, love Him, surrender your life to Him, thank Him for everything He does and stay in conversation with Him about everything. Then you will get the essentials right.

Next Steps

You can find reliable further information in

(On the pages indicated, a click on the arrow at the bottom right or a swipe to the left will take you to the next chapter.)

You can also get to know the coming king partly through good film adaptations of his life on earth, e.g. „The Chosen“ (App für Google/ Apple). But the most important thing is that you keep talking to him yourself – preferably about everything! He understands you like no other and means well with you like no other!

Note: As you can see, you will not find a recommendation of a product, organization or community here. Like-minded people can accompany you, and God will bring you together with them if you ask Him. But the reason why Christ voluntarily died for you on the cross is so that you can first live personally and directly connected to your origin and He will gladly show you everything else step by step as long as you believe Him and stay in conversation with Him.

It is even important to prioritize the relationship with Him because there are also people who, under the influence of the other power, pretend to be a key person without being one or spread fake news about the Origin. However, anyone who is sufficiently familiar with the original will not fall for any of the fakes. 

Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God!

2.Cor 5:20

How the story could end for you

There is – as it should be – a happy ending for all those who are on the side of the righteous hero!

You make the most of your time in the long term and gain eternal life of the highest quality when your life belongs to Jesus Christ! He loves you and has made it easy for you to get on the right side! Believe Him, follow His guidance and stay consciously connected to Him!

for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed…

For as [through man’s sin] all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming. Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death… 

And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.

1.Cor15:52, 22ff